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 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
Gabon2012Sub-Saharan Africa25/09/2012
GambiaSub-Saharan Africa
Georgia2016Europe and Central Asia19/09/2016
Germany2013Europe and Central Asia28/02/201228/02/2013
GhanaSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2013
GreeceEurope and Central Asia
GrenadaLatin America and Caribbean
GuatemalaLatin America and Caribbean
GuineaSub-Saharan Africa
Guinea-BissauSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2013
GuyanaLatin America and Caribbean
HaitiLatin America and Caribbean
Vatican CityEurope and Central Asia
HondurasLatin America and Caribbean
HungaryEurope and Central Asia
IcelandEast Asia and Pacific
IndiaSouth Asia
IndonesiaEast Asia and Pacific
IranMiddle East and North Africa
IraqMiddle East and North Africa
Ireland2014Europe and Central Asia24/09/201424/09/2014
IsraelMiddle East and North Africa
Italy2016Europe and Central Asia28/02/201204/02/2016
JamaicaLatin America and Caribbean
JapanEast Asia and Pacific
 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
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