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 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
JordanMiddle East and North Africa
KazakhstanEast Asia and Pacific
KenyaSub-Saharan Africa
KiribatiEast Asia and Pacific
KuwaitMiddle East and North Africa
KyrgyzstanEast Asia and Pacific
Lao People's Democratic RepublicEast Asia and Pacific
LatviaEast Asia and Pacific
LebanonMiddle East and North Africa
LesothoSub-Saharan Africa
LiberiaSub-Saharan Africa
LibyaMiddle East and North Africa
Liechtenstein2017Europe and Central Asia24/09/201225/01/2017
LithuaniaEast Asia and Pacific30/09/2015
Luxembourg2016Europe and Central Asia28/02/201212/02/2016
MadagascarSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2012
MalawiSub-Saharan Africa
MalaysiaEast Asia and Pacific
Maldives2019South Asia28/02/201227/09/2019
MaliSub-Saharan Africa28/02/2012
MaltaEurope and Central Asia18/04/2012
Marshall Islands2019East Asia and Pacific29/01/2019
MauritaniaSub-Saharan Africa
MauritiusSub-Saharan Africa13/08/2012
MexicoLatin America and Caribbean
 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
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