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 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
Dominican RepublicLatin America and Caribbean
Ecuador2018Latin America and Caribbean24/04/201319/09/2018
EgyptMiddle East and North Africa
El Salvador2015Latin America and Caribbean25/07/201309/02/2015
Equatorial GuineaSub-Saharan Africa
EritreaSub-Saharan Africa
EstoniaEurope and Central Asia
EthiopiaSub-Saharan Africa
European Union
FijiEast Asia and Pacific
Finland2015Europe and Central Asia28/02/201212/11/2015
France2016Europe and Central Asia20/11/201407/01/2016
Gabon2012Sub-Saharan Africa25/09/2012
The GambiaSub-Saharan Africa
Georgia2016Europe and Central Asia19/09/2016
Germany2013Europe and Central Asia28/02/201228/02/2013
GhanaSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2013
GreeceEurope and Central Asia
GrenadaLatin America and Caribbean
GuatemalaLatin America and Caribbean
GuineaSub-Saharan Africa
Guinea-BissauSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2013
GuyanaLatin America and Caribbean
HaitiLatin America and Caribbean
Vatican CityEurope and Central Asia
 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
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