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 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
BangladeshSouth Asia
BarbadosLatin America and Caribbean
BelarusEurope and Central Asia
Belgium2014Europe and Central Asia28/02/201230/05/2014
BelizeLatin America and Caribbean
Benin2019Sub-Saharan Africa24/09/201319/08/2019
BhutanSouth Asia
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)2013Latin America and Caribbean02/04/2013
Bosnia and Herzegovina2018Europe and Central Asia11/07/201717/05/2018
BotswanaSub-Saharan Africa
Brazil2017Latin America and Caribbean28/02/201229/09/2017
Brunei DarussalamEast Asia and Pacific
BulgariaEurope and Central Asia
Burkina FasoSub-Saharan Africa
BurundiSub-Saharan Africa
Cabo VerdeSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2012
CambodiaEast Asia and Pacific
CameroonSub-Saharan Africa
CanadaNorth America
Central African RepublicSub-Saharan Africa
ChadSub-Saharan Africa
Chile2015Latin America and Caribbean28/02/201201/09/2015
ChinaEast Asia and Pacific
ColombiaLatin America and Caribbean
ComorosSub-Saharan Africa
 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
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