Discover the latest developments under the OPIC through our Annual OPIC Trends 2021

What have been the main developments under the OPIC in 2021? On what issues concerned the decisions adopted by the Committee? What trends are we seeing?

With the end of 2021, we have put together the Annual OPIC Trends 2021: a summary of the year’s main developments and trends under the OPIC. The analysis is based on the information publicly accessible on the UN Committee of the Rights of the Child’s website.

2021 highlights

The most significant highlights of the year include two new State party ratifications of the OPIC (Armenia and Seychelles), new or revised official documents adopted by the Committee, the first oral hearings in the history of Committee, and the 22 new individual communications adopted.

The Annual OPIC Trends 2021 document examines:

  • Key developments of the year
  • Individual communications under OPIC
  • Inquiry procedures under OPIC
  • OPIC recommendations in the Committee’s COBs
  • OPIC work-in-progress by the Committee

Read the Annual OPIC Trends 2021 here. The Annual OPIC Trends 2020 can be found here.

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