Ratification Status Underlying Map Data

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 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
AfghanistanSouth Asia
AlgeriaMiddle East and North Africa
AngolaSub-Saharan Africa
Antigua and BarbudaLatin America and Caribbean
AustraliaEast Asia and Pacific
AustriaEurope and Central Asia28/02/2012
AzerbaijanEurope and Central Asia
The BahamasLatin America and Caribbean
BahrainMiddle East and North Africa
BangladeshSouth Asia
BarbadosLatin America and Caribbean
BelarusEurope and Central Asia
BelizeLatin America and Caribbean
BhutanSouth Asia
BotswanaSub-Saharan Africa
BruneiEast Asia and Pacific
BulgariaEurope and Central Asia
Burkina FasoSub-Saharan Africa
BurundiSub-Saharan Africa
Cabo VerdeSub-Saharan Africa24/09/2012
CambodiaEast Asia and Pacific
CameroonSub-Saharan Africa
CanadaNorth America
Central African RepublicSub-Saharan Africa
ChadSub-Saharan Africa
 Country Ratification Year Region Date of Signature (dd/mm/yyyy) Date of Ratification (dd/mm/yyyy)
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